Marketing Automation & Lossless Tracking

The Platform that runs your
whole backend business!


Full contact management system, pull leads in via optin forms or API. Setup in a few clicks and for each new lead, Platformly will pull in allknown information about them, Automatically. Our system can assigntags, divert leads and store all purchases, contact history, activity, notes and value. You can email followup per contact or based on tags and segments.


You can’t improve what you can’t track. Included in Platformly is the most advanced tracking system, yet so easy and fast to use. Our system will allow you to see not only conversion rates but Customer value over any timeframe you like (lifetime, first 30 days etc.). Now you can know the true value of your Facebook ad #1 with Blue background v green background (or any other source)

Marketing Automation

Design ‘Quests’ for your leads and customers to follow. Set it up once with our powerful drag and drop builder and let our system run for you, 24/7/365! Automatically followup with prospects for Any action they take (joining your blog, purchasing a product, visiting a webpage, downloading a PDF etc.) and take them on a Quest of your choosing. Automatically remove them from quests when they reach the goal (buy a product) and move them to any other quest (user onboarding for example) This ensures you only send relevant, targeted emails to your leads.

Full Reporting

Plug in your merchant (Clickbank, PayPal or JVzoo currently supported) accounts and Platformly will pull in all your transactions, providing you with your Run Rate (are you growing or shrinking over any time period you choose) as well as assign incoming payments to the correct contact and creating new contacts when the payment is from someone new to your company. See Lifetime Value of customers and segments. Instantly see the current status of your business and where you can improve with our intuitive reporting system.

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